A year ago, Mark Teixeira came back from a calf injury too quickly. He isn’t going to make the same mistake with the strained tendon in his right wrist that is expected to shelve the switch-hitting Yankees first baseman for eight to 10 weeks. Teixeira has been told to rest the wrist for four weeks before resuming baseball activities and he plans to comply with that suggestion in order to avoid surgery. “[Surgery] doesn’t look like it’s necessary,’’ Teixeira said on a conference call yesterday. “The problem is that the doctors told me it’s a classic baseball injury, just an over-use injury where I have to let it heal. It’s not one of those things that I can play through. I can’t play at 70 or 80 percent because then you have the opportunity of completely tearing it and then you would need surgery. That’s why we have a conservative timetable. We don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take.’’ Ten weeks would put Teixeira on schedule to return in mid-May. However, the wrist is the worst place for a baseball player to be hurt because it’s involved in every action. “Any wrist injury is scary to me because it is so important to hitting and it is not like you can protect it,’’ Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.