The Golden State Warriors have reportedly traded reserve guard Charles Jenkins to the Philadelphia 76ers and Jeremy Tyler to the Atlanta Hawks. While we all probably wish those two guys luck as they move forward, Marcus Thompson II described the key details of this deal: The salary dumps, which occurred just before the deadline, cut more than $1.5 million off the Warriors’ salary cap figure. The Warriors needed to trim $1.2 million to avoid paying the luxury tax penalty. Rusty Simmons of the S.F. Chronicle elaborated, describing the importance of avoiding becoming a "repeat offender". On top of missing out on a cut of the tax revenue and having to pay a tax themselves, the Warriors would have increased their chances of being a future repeat offender. The Warriors were only $1.2 million over the league’s $70.307 million luxury threshold, so it didn’t seem worth starting the clock on the steep repeat-offender penalty.