It was pretty clear just minutes into the Warriors' 112-92 win over the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday that Golden State coach Steve Kerr wasn't happy with the way the game was being officiated. He picked up a technical foul and had to be restrained by assistant coach Mike Brown, but that didn't stop Kerr from voicing his opinion on the sideline. After a while Kerr clearly got fed up, and TNT cameras caught him using some colorful language toward the officials. On Saturday, before the Warriors' game against the Denver Nuggets, Kerr apologized for his behavior. "I need to do better. Honestly, I need to do better," Kerr said. "That was embarrassing. My daughter sent me the meme -- it was all over the internet. I just hung my head in shame. "I am very passionate and intense, but I can't use that kind of wording. I would never say that to anybody in a normal setting -- it's just awful. When I saw that I was like, 'My God, what's the matter with me?' So I gotta do better. I'm always gonna get on refs to stick up for my guys, but I can't use that kind of language." Kerr also talked about how the technology these days with so many cameras in arenas might force him to take extra precaution.