It’s not only fans that are amazed by Stephen Curry’s seemingly inexplicable talent. Even his fellow NBA players get their minds blown every so often when they face off against the Golden State Warriors superstar. Just ask Jrue Holiday.

In a recent appearance on JJ Redick’s “The Old Man & The Three” podcast, Holiday recounted a recent experience with Curry that made him come to the conclusion that the former back-to-back MVP is literally out-of-this-world.

“He’s an alien,” Holiday said of the Warriors guard (h/t Lee Tran of Fadeaway World). “I don’t understand. I fouled him on a half court shot when we played him 3 weeks ago. I’m pretty sure he didn’t even look at the rim, and he still almost made it. It hit the back of the rim. And they didn’t call the foul. I’m like, ‘What is wrong with you? What do you take? Can I get some of it please? Cause you’re insane, dude.'”