Winning an NBA championship is a tremendous accomplishment. Winning multiple titles is practically impossible. 

Think about it. Look at any decade in NBA history. Odds are, only a handful of teams walked away with championships. If your team was one of them, count yourself extremely lucky. 

The Toronto Raptors were one of those teams in the past decade. This team won the 2018-19 NBA championship. It was the only title in franchise history. 

That’s partly because the Golden State Warriors were busy winning most of the last decade’s titles.

With that said, the Warriors don’t look likely to repeat that feat in 2022-23.

Could they swing a major deal with the Raptors to get back on top this summer? 


Toronto Raptors Receive: G Jordan Poole, F Jonathan Kuminga, 2026 First-Round Pick (GSW), 2028 First-Round Pick (GSW) 

Golden State Warriors Receive: F/C Pascal Siakam