Giannis Antetokounmpo has a vision. He looks into his future and sees his jersey being raised to the rafters, ideally next to a new championship banner or two, after an entire career spent playing for the Milwaukee Bucks. "Definitely. That's one of my goals," Antetokounmpo told ESPN recently. "Kobe [Bryant] did it. Tim Duncan did it. Dirk Nowitzki did it. I just want to be one of those guys ... that stays for the city, play for the city for 20 years." The Bucks have a vision, too. Not only does it include Antetokounmpo spending his entire career in Milwaukee, but it puts him at the center of everything they're planning for the future. "We know this is the unicorn," team president Peter Feigin said of the team's 23-year-old star. They not only hope to one day hang his jersey at the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center -- a sparkling new arena that cost more than a half-billion dollars to construct and is set to become the Bucks' new home starting in 2018-19 -- but they've made Antetokounmpo the centerpiece of almost every major decision the organization makes, as the Bucks look to make a splash on a worldwide scale. "What we call 'The Giannis Effect' really kind of took place 18 months ago, maybe two years ago, where you had this guy who had a skill set that was unlike anything ever," Feigin said. "Now it's really kind of grasping it and leveraging it and marketing it [in] a big, strong way, and marketing it to the world, which is different because he's really attractive to the world." While Feigin calls Antetokounmpo "the unicorn," that term has become almost generic in NBA circles these days. Even among the elite players who've earned the label, the Bucks' star stands alone.