Once upon a time, Kevin Durant and Dion Waiters were teammates on the Oklahoma City Thunder. But while both of them have moved on from OKC, and now play on opposite coasts, they're still close. Ahead of the Golden State Warriors' matchup with the Miami Heat on Sunday night, Durant spoke about going up against his friend, joking that he was nervous to guard "Ball Hard Dion Waiters." K.D. also broke the news that he has a mansion on Waiters Island, and said he was proud of Waiters for parlaying his impressive performance last season into a big contract. Durant's full comments: I'm super nervous. I gotta guard "Ball Hard" Waiters. He's playing great basketball, I'm so proud of him. I know it's gonna be a fun matchup between him and I. I wouldn't call him my little brother, but he's my brother of younger age. I learned a lot from him, he learned a lot from me. It's just a great, great relationship that we have. Yeah, Ball Hard. Ball Hard D. Waiters. Not ball hog, even though he does shoot a lot. I'm always down for anything involving Dion Waiters. It's always a cool outcome. I think a lot of people rallied around him as a player, rallied around his movement. I'm excited for him. I got a mansion, I own some property on Waiters Island. It's just me, just me and him that live there. He knows what it is.