The Warriors held a news conference Friday afternoon, but not to announce a trade for Minnesota power forward Kevin Love. This thing was arranged a while back, to give reporters a chance to talk to Golden State general manager Bob Myers about next week's NBA draft - even though the Warriors don't currently have any picks. So ... Bob ... are you trading for Kevin Love? Myers wouldn't talk about the specific trade rumors - the ones with Golden State considering sending Klay Thompson and David Lee to Minnesota - but did address the chances of making a blockbuster deal. "I think probably right now unlikely," he said. "It's the best I can do for you. But I will say this: If you asked me last year at this time would we be in a situation to grab an (Andre) Iguodala, I would have said the same thing. "Right now, I think it's unlikely. Right now, today." This minute, though, it would seem in the Timberwolves' interest to drag out these negotiations to see what they can get from the Warriors, Celtics, Nuggets or some other team. Golden State is clearly not in a rush to deal its shooting guard. Thompson, apparently the key for Minnesota, has improved every season and guards the opposing team's best backcourt scorer. Pretty well, too. Myers compared Thompson to a five-tool baseball player. "The nice thing about him ... is he hasn't reached his ceiling," Myers said. "I think he's got a high ceiling, and that he can only get better, so that's the type of player anybody wants on their team." Sources told ESPN that the Warriors are adding Thompson to a proposed deal that would include Lee and a future first-round pick for Love and shooting guard Kevin Martin. Golden State would have to take Martin so that the contract amounts would match.