Draymond Green is lighter by nearly 20 pounds since you last saw him wearing a Warriors uniform in the Western Conference playoffs. But entering his second year his responsibilities will be heavier. "I had the respect of the guys on the team" Green told local reporters at the team facility on Tuesday. "But now it's time to use my voice and use my leadership (skills) a little bit more." Green already was a mature rookie coming out of Michigan State which really proved vital in the postseason as Golden State dispatched Denver and made eventual NBA finalist San Antonio sweat. But with a year of experience under his belt management wants him to make his presence felt even more. Yes that presence is noticeably trimmer. Green said he's about 231 pounds now. He said he got as high as 248 last season. Proper diet and weight training has him in better shape. He said now he's better able to take his game to another level. Now he said when he gets the ball at the top and with an open lane he can explode through it instead of "going slow." He said he's even stronger despite the slighter build and can still defend both forward positions. "I catch my breath faster" Green said. "I move a little faster. I can get up off the floor a little bit better. And it feels a lot better on my knees. ... I feel great. I think it's going to help me out a lot."