Stephen Curry is beloved by millions of people across the world, and especially by residents in the Bay Area. He's the two-time reigning MVP and was the leader of the team that brought an NBA title to Golden State in 2015. He's also, increasingly, become a player people -- notably current and former NBA players -- love to hate on. A lot of this goes with the territory of becoming a star, particular in the almost out-of-nowhere fashion that Curry did. It's the whole "build them up so we can tear them down" mentality. But Curry seems to draw a particular kind of hate, almost like people still don't fully accept what he is as a player. Whatever the reasoning, his teammate Draymond Green has a theory for why he has started to pile up the haters: Jealousy. In a podcast with Warriors Sports Radio, Green explained his thoughts about the matter as detailed below -- starting with his size. Number one, looking at Steph, he's not supposed to be what he does. So that right there alone, it pisses people off. Also, he's way more than what everyone expected him to be or gave him a shot to be. I think most people looked at him 'oh man, this is a "privileged" kid' growing up. Like how did he become this? He ain't supposed to become this. This supposed to be the kid from the hood that never had nothing and had to grind for everything. But when you look at Steph's life, like they had money, but he wasn't treated like they had money ... they didn't raise him like he was a privileged kid.