Golden State Warriors forward David Lee has to give more and do less this year at the same time. The man who made huge bank in 2010 with a reported 6-year, $80 million deal in a sign-and-trade with the Warriors after five seasons in New York has been known for his gaudy stat lines. But that production hasn't translated into wins. And if there's one key message that comes across when you speak to Lee it's that he's ready to flip that script. Lower numbers, bigger win totals. Lee averaged 20 points and just under 10 rebounds last season for the Warriors in an injury-plagued, half-tank season that saw the nucleus of the team detonate in favor of a trade for injured Andrew Bogut who never returned. Bogut's still not back in full practice, and didn't travel with the team on its preseason trip to Denver this week. But signs point to an early season return, and the forming of a formidable front-court pairing with Lee, to go with the Warriors' crack shooters in Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry (making is own way back from repetitive ankle injuries). In a sit-down with this week, Lee talked about why he's excited about pairing with Bogut, his time in New York, why he doesn't blame Isiah Thomas, getting away from Don Nelson "trickery" and trying to keep quiet that he's a Cardinals fan with the Giants facing St. Louis in the NLCS.