Inspiring wins have been hard to come by the Warriors in 2013. Given how a lot of these games have looked and felt, February and March haven't given fans that here-we-come playoffs feeling. Instead, the team has often felt like it was in free-fall. Rather than looking forward to giving the business to tough opponents, fans have been relegated to watching the Utah and Laker scoreboards while wondering how many games the team can lose and still make the playoffs. Even the exciting wins have somehow been less than they should have been. Beat playoff-bound New York? Why did it feel like the Knickerbockers could barely be bothered to care? So in a game like this, nobody got really excited about the Warriors jumping out to a quick lead. We've been there before. Everybody knew Detroit would make a run, and of course they did, pulling the game even at the midpoint. A lot went into that mini-collapse. (And it was only a mini-collapse. It doesn't rank as a top-10 or even top-20 collapse for the Warriors this season). Klay Thompson stopped taking stupid shots and making stupid turnovers, but suddenly found it impossible to get the ball in the basket. Good look, space, feet square ... klank.