Warriors head coach Mark Jackson sent Steve Blake to the scorer's table with every intention of subbing out Stephen Curry in the third quarter of Sunday's game. But the All-Star point guard campaigned to stay on the floor, despite his cranky quadriceps. Jackson sided with Curry, and he rewarded the decision with five points and six assists in a nine-minute, third-quarter stretch that quieted fears about his injury and led to an important 113-107 victory over Phoenix at a sold-out Oracle Arena. "I always tell him I'm fine when he asks me - whether it was my ankle back in the day or something small like this," said Curry, who had 18 points and nine assists to one turnover in 30 minutes. "I'm surprised he still asks me, because he already knows the answer." There were plenty of questions pregame, when about two hours before the opening tip, Jackson said Curry would have to play limited minutes because of a strained right quadriceps. Curry had left in the third quarter of Wednesday's victory at Boston, but he played 30 minutes against Atlanta on Friday, putting up 13 points and seven assists. When the strain wasn't improving, Curry decided to get an MRI exam Saturday. He said he feels "tolerable" pain all of the time, and the pain increases later in games or when he sits for an extended time. "There's potential - when that muscle fatigues - for other things to creep up, and that's what we're trying to avoid," Curry said. Jackson said: "We'll keep an eye on him and stay on top of keeping him healthy - not just tonight, but also making sure he's as strong physically as possible when it really matters."