The Golden State Warriors were riding a four-game winning streak, fueled by the tangible presence of the fabled Andrew Bogut. The Houston Rockets, meanwhile, were amidst a mini renaissance, wining five of seven after a seven-game losing streak, averaging 111 points per game over that stretch. This was set up to be an awesome game! Just awesome!! And then... this happened: First quarter: The Rockets went 7-10 from the three point line. Score: 38-37. Ok! Not bad, hanging in there, shooting 58%, tallying nine assists in the quarter. The Rockets aren't going to keep hitting at that rate from the arc. Second quarter: The Rockets go 7-8 from the three point line. Score: 77-62. Ooooh-k. Not as good. Third quarter: The Rockets go 4-9 from the three point line. Score: 104-86. We're not getting back into this game, are we? Fourth quarter: Who the hell knows.