Warren Sapp was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed recently against NFL Network, and the Hall of Famer has denied all of the allegations against him. However, one report claims Sapp is not being totally truthful. Jamie Cantor, a former wardrobe stylist for NFL Network, claims in a lawsuit that Sapp urinated in front of her in a restroom where she was sent to work on articles of clothing, telling her, “Sorry mama, but your office shouldn’t be our sh–ter.” Cantor also said Sapp gave her sex toys as Christmas gifts three straight years and showed her nude photos of women he claimed to have slept with. In an interview with Andy Slater on WINZ-AM Wednesday, Sapp addressed each of the allegations. He admitted he once walked into a bathroom where Cantor was working, but he said he never urinated in front of her. He also said he may have shown her a photo of a woman in a bikini that he was dating, but insists there were no nude photos. He also addressed the sex toy situation.