Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp took to the radio waves on Wednesday to respond to several allegations that were made against him in a sexual harassment lawsuit that was recently filed by a former employee of the NFL Network. In the lawsuit, which led to the immediate suspension of Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans, former NFL Network employee Jami Cantor alleges that Sapp gave her sex toys as Christmas gifts for three straight years, showed her nude photos of women, and once urinated in her presence. During an interview with WINZ-AM in Miami, Sapp didn't exactly deny those claims. On the issue of sex toys, Sapp admitted that he bought Cantor a sex toy, but he claims it wasn't harassment because it was just harmless fun. "We were sitting there around Christmas time and everybody brought a Christmas gift, a little holiday joy for everybody," Sapp said, via USA Today. "So, my man had made a little novelty thing that looked like mascara, eyeliner and different things. Little toys for ladies that move around a little bit. I showed them pictures and (the makeup artists) said bring me some, so I brought them some for the makeup ladies." In the lawsuit, Cantor claims she was forced to work in the men's bathroom at times during her 10-year career at the NFL Network and during one of her shifts, she claims that Sapp came in the bathroom and urinated in front of her. Sapp didn't deny being in the bathroom, but he did deny the second part.