Warren Moon knows what it’s like to hang around the NFL as an aging quarterback.

The Hall of Famer didn’t retire until he was 44 years old, and was still a full-time starter at 42. As such, Moon knows firsthand what it’s like when a quarterback’s play begins to slip.

On Monday, Moon told Colin Cowherd he’s noticed time taking its toll on Tom Brady’s arm, just as it did on his own when he was was in his 40s.

“I can see — especially later in the season, and you can see this with Drew Brees and some of the other quarterbacks as well — their arms don’t have the same pop at the end of the season that they had early in the year,” Moon said. “That has to do with their age, and that’s something I started to see in my career when I got older, that I didn’t have that same pop in my arm. A lot of it has to do with your legs because you’ve just become fatigued over the course of the whole season.”