There won't be any clearance sale on Roberto Luongo. General manager Mike Gillis reiterated Friday that he is prepared to keep Luongo and fellow goalie Cory Schneider all season and would be entirely comfortable doing so. Gillis also suggested any team wanting Luongo will have to pay the price. "There is a lot of talk going on," Gillis said in an interview Friday, which was a day off for the players. "But there is this presumption that you pick up the phone and make a trade. Well, it doesn't happen that way and there is usually a long process building up to it and I think Roberto has come in here and has continued to show what a quality person and quality goaltender he is. And if you want to acquire that, you have to pay a price for it." In other words, in Gillis's opinion, Luongo's solid play so far this season has only served to increase his value on the trade market. "Every team is discussing options all the time and we're just like them, we are discussing different possibilities all the time," he said. "We're open to those discussions if they can improve our hockey team. Right now, we have two great goalies, we're perfectly happy if we continue this way right through to the end of the playoffs. If something comes our way that we think improves our team in a different way which allows us a better opportunity to win the Stanley Cup, we are going to look at it." Gillis continues to dismiss suggestions that having both goalies here is, or could become, a significant distraction for the team. He seemed to suggest that in some ways keeping both goalies makes perfect sense, at least for the remainder of this season. A major cut in next year's salary cap would make it nearly impossible next season.