Donnie Walsh said he is unsure he will return as Pacers president next season and thinks there’s still a chance Larry Bird will unretire and retake the helm. Walsh, the 72-year-old former Knicks president, told The Post Sunday he recently asked Bird if he wants to come back and he’d be willing to step aside. Walsh still hasn’t heard an answer from Bird. Walsh said he feels Bird might want to make a comeback after resting his bad shoulder. Walsh said yesterday he would return if Bird doesn’t and owner Herb Simon wants him to. “I like this but I don’t need to do it,’’ Walsh said. Walsh said he will definitely run the draft in June. The Pacers general manager is highly regarded Kevin Pritchard. Last month, in a visit at the Garden, Walsh told The Post, “I took this job because Larry [Bird] wanted a year off. If Larry wants to come back, I’m out. I’m leaving.’’