Wally Backman wanted to give it one more shot. The former second baseman who helped the Mets to a World Series in 1986 was heading back to Mexico for winter ball, but before he left he decided to reach out to Flushing one last time. He knew it was a long shot, but he wanted to express his interest — no his passion, really — to get back to the Mets, even after the organization basically kicked him out a year ago. Sandy Alderson said they had a list of 35 candidates for manager before they hired Cleveland pitching coach Mickey Callaway. Backman was not among those candidates, no matter how much fans have clamored for his return to Queens over the last few years. Nor will he be among those considered for jobs on Callaway’s staff, sources said. While the Mets have discussed bringing back Tim Teufel, who was reassigned off of Terry Collins' major league staff last season, there is no place for the fiery Backman. That is a shame, particularly for the minor leaguers in the Mets system. Despite Alderson having to admit that top prospects did not look ready when they came to the major leagues this year, it doesn’t feel like Backman will ever be back with the Mets under this regime. After expressing his interest to the Mets, a source said that Backman received a curt e-mail from Alderson that sounded like a form letter basically saying thanks for the interest, but no thanks. That’s really not surprising even to Backman, who accused Alderson of blackballing him last fall after he was fired. It was clearly a messy divorce, but Backman still has feelings for the team that drafted him and gave him a second chance. Certainly the Mets are now excited about a new era with Callaway, an extraordinarily positive man whom they say they can collaborate with. It’s a shame that the Mets could not find a way to collaborate with Backman.