Latrell Sprewell once famously said after a particularly poor performance on a Sunday afternoon, "I'm not a morning person." The game, it should be noted, began at noon and not 7 a.m. Maybe Rasheed Wallace isn't a morning person either because the 38-year-old lasted only 85 seconds before being ejected in the Knicks 106-99 victory over the Phoenix Suns. Wallace received two technical fouls, one for arguing a foul call and the other for screaming his signature phrase "Ball Don't Lie" when Goran Dragic missed the free throw. Wallace extended his NBA record of technical fouls to 317, including four with the Knicks. His Sunday was over late in the first quarter and just in time for the 1 p.m. NFL games. That was also the time that Carmelo Anthony was just getting starting. Apparently, Melo can ball at any hour. The Knicks forward scored 34 points on 11-for-27 shooting as the Knicks improved to 12-4 overall and 7-0 at the Garden. Under Mike Woodson, the Knicks are 18-1 at MSG.