Gerald Wallace is 31 years old although sometimes his body feels much, much older than that. Wallace's days of being an effective player are dwindling, much like his window of opportunity to play for a title contender. And as much as he would love to be in a more winning situation right now, the idea of asking for a buyout to play elsewhere was never a consideration. Figuring out how much to leave on the table from his current deal which has two years and $20.2 million remaining after this season, would not be easy. Even if it were, Wallace says he would still stick it out with the Green team. "My mom said never complain about the situation you're in," Wallace told "You can't control it. It's nothing I can do about it. I just have to take it in stride and move forward. My focus is on helping these guys become better players, help them build, help them understand what it takes to have a successful career in the NBA." In his 13th season, "Crash" has learned the best way to convey his message to his teammates, is to let his game and not his gums flapping, speak on his behalf. Boston's 105-98 loss to Sacramento was yet another example. Wallace's stat line - eight points, three rebounds and two assists - doesn't look like much. But considering he kept on playing despite back spasms that forced him to the bench and then literally to the floor where heated pads were applied, it was the kind of thing that resonates with a team that's filled with impressionable young players.