John Wall is lightning quick, knows how to run an offense, is an incredible passer, and he's not too shabby at shot blocking either. The blocks stat is not reserved for bigs or defensive minded wings. Wall believes he's a great shot blocker. So great that he considers himself the greatest shot-blocking point guard in NBA history. Quite a statement to make, but he did just finish Friday night's game against the Pistons with two blocks, including the game-saving rejection. Wall's confidence is warranted, but greatest shot-blocking point guard ever? That's quite a title. He still has a long career ahead of him to earn it, but he'll need some more block-heavy seasons. However, maybe he is the NBA's best shot-blocking point guard ever. He has 324 career blocks, per Basketball Reference. On the all time list, the 250th ranked player (Darius Miles) has 495. Wall could realistically catch that in a few years.