The walks that Jake Westbrook pitched around in the third inning (see below) helped catch up to him the fourth. An error by the surehanded Yadier Molina only added to the trouble. With one out in the bottom of the fourth inning, Westbrook walked Gregor Blanco. Brandon Crawford moved him into scoring position with a single. Giants starter Barry Zito then dutifully dropped a bunt to push his teammates ahead another 90 feet. Molina unexpectedly didn't get a clean grab on the ball and when he brought his hand up to fire to first for the out, the ball remained on the ground. The error left the bases loaded and only one out. Westbrook would bring the run in with a walk -- his fifth already of the game -- to Angel Pagan. The bases-loaded walk gave the Giants a 1-0 lead through four innings. Westbrook has spent most of the game with more balls thrown than strikes. That righted somewhat in the fourth even as the walks caught up to him. Through four innings he had thrown 82 pitches. Forty-four of those pitches were strikes. For contrast, Zito had the same amount of outs on 57 pitches. Thirty-four of those pitches were strikes.