Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson said Monday that he was not the anonymous ACC coach quoted as saying Louisville’s Lamar Jackson “has no shot at playing quarterback in the NFL” in an early-January Sports Illustrated article written by Pete Thamel. “This is what’s called fake news,” Clawson said Monday after practice. Wake Forest officials reached out to to UL Sunday to assure them that Clawson was not responsible for those comments, nor did he believe them to be an accurate representation of Jackson’s ability. “I never said those things. I have great respect for Lamar Jackson as a football player,” Clawson said. “I think he is one of the elite players not only in the ACC, but in the country. I respect the way he plays the quarterback position, and those comments in no way reflect the respect I have for him. I would never say that.” During Louisville media day Saturday at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium, Jackson was asked who he thought was responsible for the derogatory comments regarding his NFL potential in January.