The silver lining to the weak free-agent market, at least from a fan’s perspective, is the likelihood that teams will respond by making a large number of trades. What other alternative is there, really? The free-agent market is deep in relievers and right-handed hitters, but that’s about it. If teams cannot improve in one way, they will try to improve in others. The only certainly is that they will not sit still. My top 10 trade candidates: Chris Sale, White Sox The market conditions for a trade of Sale could not be much better. Sale is under control for three more seasons and $38 million -- not terribly beyond what Zack Greinke makes in a single year. The free-agent starters, meanwhile, are mostly pitchers that teams do not want, certainly not at market-driven prices. Will the White Sox want a ton for Sale? Of course. And they could get it, too.