Rudy Gobert claimed Dion Waiters made a “dirty play” last Friday night when he went diving for a loose ball and rolled into his knee. Dion Waiters took exception to that comment. “I’ve never been a dirty player in my life,” Waiters said Sunday prior to the Heat’s game against the Pistons in Detroit. “I went for the ball. Tell him to get out of his feelings. And that’s what it is, just like that.” The play happened in the third quarter of the Heat’s 84-74 win over the Jazz in Utah. Gobert would limp off the court, but return in the fourth quarter after being diagnosed with a right knee contusion. Gobert sat out the Jazz’s next game Saturday night against the Nets and as reported Sunday by Shams Charania of The Vertical, Gobert is expected to miss four to six weeks with a bone bruise. After the game, Gobert retweeted a post with footage of the play with the seemingly sarcastic comment: “Dove for the ball right…” Gobert told the Deseret News after the game: “It feels better than it looked on the video. I think it was a dirty play, but no matter what the most important thing is to keep getting better and to win tomorrow.” When asked about it Sunday, it was pretty clear Waiters didn’t take kindly to the implication. “I didn’t even know that was him,” Waiters said. “I went for the ball, making a basketball play. He goes right to social media. I ain’t a social media guy. At the end of the day, that [expletive] don’t matter. Tell him to get out of his feelings. We won, they lost, so what. “I’ve never been a dirty player in my life. If he thought it was a dirty play, you come to me as a man and you ask me and I’ll tell him the same [expletive] I’m saying now. I saw it on social media, late, after the win. I’m not a dirty player.” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Sunday although hoping no one would get hurt, he liked Waiters’ aggressiveness on that play.