There’s so much at stake in the Browns’ quarterback competition this summer. The 2014 Browns’ season, of course. The beginning of the Mike Pettine era, is another. How about the early development of Johnny Manziel? Does his career begin on the bench or on the field? And then there’s the future of Brian Hoyer. Hoyer is fighting two battles this summer. One is his own recovery from ACL surgery in October. The other is the competition against Manziel. If Manziel starts the 2014 season on the bench, so what? Most rookie quarterbacks do. His time will come. If Hoyer starts the 2014 season on the bench, it further complicates his future. He is 28 and has never had this opportunity in his four previous NFL seasons. It’s his job to lose. And his contract is up after this year. Is Hoyer a backup? Is he a starter? Is he the Browns’ starter for one game, for three games or eight? Or for 16? And then what about after that? How long would the Browns be willing to wait to play Manziel? “If Brian starts the first game, is the leash going to be shorter than with somebody else? Yeah, it probably will be. He understands that,” said Hoyer’s agent, Joe Linta. “The truth of the matter is Brian isn’t worried about it. It will sort itself out. If Manziel is better, he’ll relinquish the position. Brian is very respectful of the coaches. He knows they want to win and whoever gives them the best chance to win will play.