There was that endearing game that opened the season for the Knicks in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The Heat lost by 20 in the Garden. Move ahead a little more than a month and in a re-match with the Carmelo Anthony-less Knicks, the Heat dropped another 20-point heartbreaker — in Miami no less. So despite LeBron James’ “liar, liar, pants on fire” claim the Heat didn’t start looking at yesterday’s sequel until their previous game was complete — “It was circled on the calendar [only] when it approached us,” he said — other Heat players admitted there was a huge notation on the calendar. “Yes, for sure we had it circled,” center Chris Bosh said. “We knew how important this game was to us.” Important on so many levels. It showed the Knicks that even though they match up well with Miami, the defending champs are, well, defending champs. And the 99-93 victory tied a Miami record for consecutive wins at 14. “We had to understand this team was trying to kick our butt. They were trying to show the world they could kick our butt,” Dwyane Wade said. “That’s a very good team over there, it’s a team we’re going to compete against so many more times the rest of this year. But this is a good win for the psyche. “Obviously you don’t want to lose to a team every time you face them.”