The Cardinals start the second half of their season with a weekend series in Cincinnati, where a second-place team and familiar friction await them. Going into the break, Reds manager Dusty Baker revisited old hostilities by suggesting that manager Tony La Russa did not pick two players from the Reds roster for the All-Star Game because they were involved in a brawl with the Cardinals back in 2010. Baker and La Russa have both stirred the rivalry in the past by bringing up slights (perceived and real) and, at times, making the Reds-Cardinals feud personal. Reds first baseman Joey Votto, an MVP contender so far this season, suggested that the most recent brouhaha was, at best, "awkward." "We have to learn to turn the page. I think that's a good quality we should all learn to have in our life," Votto said Tuesday before starting for the NL squad.