When fans are asked who is the best player wearing a Cincinnati Reds uniform, it is seemingly a slam-dunk question, a toss-up question until the tougher ones are asked. “Joey Votto,” is the quick answer. The man himself, Joey Votto, has a different answer. “Shin-Soo Choo,” he says. “I’ll be chasing him my entire career. He is the type of player who challenges me. I’m very, very competitive. So when one of my teammates is playing better than me, it’s great to have some competition. He challenges me to see if I can outwork him and outplay him.” A few weeks ago Votto asked Choo if he had ever been to a dog track. Choo said no. “I told Choo, ‘You are my rabbit.’ And he said, ‘What do you mean?’ And I said, ‘There is a rabbit out in front of the dogs and they can never catch it. You are going to be my rabbit. I might not catch you, but I’m going to be chasing you like hell.’” Votto asked Choo the Korean word for rabbit and he said, “Tokki.” So Votto said, “You are my little tokki.” It has evolved to the point where when one of them does something good, they put their hands atop their hands, simulating rabbit ears, and wave them at each other. Choo laughed when asked about it and said, “Oh, yeah Joey is the Big Tokki, Jay Bruce is the Medium Tokki and I’m the Little Tokki. Votto calls Choo almost the best player he has played with. Almost. “He is not quite Scott Rolen, as far as an overall player, but he is not far off from being the best overall player I’ve ever played with," Votto said. "I’ve played with a lot of great players, Brandon Phillips included, and Scott is the best, a Hall of Famer eventually. And Choo is up there, too.”