Tonight the Yankees and the Presidential election will once again clash as the potential final game of the ALDS coincides with the debate between Vice-President Joe Biden and Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Ryan. As we saw in part one, the Yankees have had mixed luck in election years ...But then, so has the country. 1920: Warren Harding (R) vs. James Cox (D) Yankees: 95-59, 3rd -3.0 Issues for the Country: Who can we elect who isn't Woodrow Wilson? The Republicans were pretty sure that whoever they nominated would meet that qualification, so they weren't particularly choosy, and since Theodore Roosevelt, the presumptive nominee, had died in 1919, they had no obvious standard-bearer. After nine ballots at their convention failed to produce a nominee, there was a backroom conversation among party bosses that must have gone something like this: "We gotta have somebody to run for president already." "Yeah, but who?" "Say... How about Warren?" "Warren? Gee, that's funny." "No, really. Warren. Everybody likes Warren." "Ol' Puddin'head Warren? Guy who keeps bringing in sandwiches?" "Precisely!" "Well... Alright. My wife expected me home two hours ago, so go ahead."