Reports of Von Miller facing an arrest warrant seem to be more a product of media negligence than any wrongdoing from the recently embattled linebacker. Miller does not face any criminal chargers in California contrary to reports or an arrest warrant but there was a bench warrant issued for him due to outstanding payments he has not made related to a speeding ticket roughly 18 months ago. Miller. whose off-field activities have been the subject of great scrutiny since his six-game suspension for violating the league's drug policy was in a rental car at the time and was cited for driving 10 miles over the limit according to his agent Joby Branion. Miller forgot to pay the outstanding amount resulting in the bench warrant which the player and his reps were not aware of until media reports came out about an arrest warrant in California. Branion said he ran a full criminal check on Miller in a nationwide database to be certain there were no other outstanding legal matters with Miller