The Blues are likely to begin the 2013-14 season Thursday night without new left winger Brenden Morrow. Morrow who was signed to a one-year contract Sept. 23 is still awaiting word on his work visa and will be unable to play in a regular-season game until the paperwork is finalized. "I haven't heard anything yet today so it's a bit of an issue" Morrow said after Wednesday's practice. "I haven't checked my phone since I've been off the ice (for an update) but people are working diligently on it. But I don't know if anything has been resolved yet." Morrow 34 who was born in Carlyle Saskatchewan began the process of applying for a green card through his wife last May a situation that remains ongoing. In the meantime he has to apply for a working visa but he could not file that application until signing an NHL contract. "I don't know if (the visa holdup) has anything to do with the process of (the green card application) but my wife is a (U.S.) citizen and I started the green card application process through her at the end of May early June so it's been almost three-four months" Morrow said. "So I don't know if that's slowing or delaying things or what's going on ..." Morrow said that if need be he'd put off the green card process and simply request the work visa for now so that he can play Thursday but that appears to be out of his control. The recent shutdown of the U.S. Government may be preventing any movement on the situation. The shutdown has reportedly led to visa problems for some people but Morrow was told that the department in control of his paperwork was not affected. "I think we're OK" he said. Morrow was able to play in the Blues' preseason but the issue prevents him from playing in the regular season. "Obviously I'm worried" he said. "I'm going to be really disappointed if it doesn't get worked out. I've paid this government a lot of money. You'd think they'd be able to get the paperwork done. I'll be disappointed (but) I'm still very hopeful that it's going to get done. But I don't know." The Blues are awaiting word just like Morrow.