The Vikings and Bills gave us a prime candidate for "game of the year" as these two playoff contenders gutted out an overtime thriller in Week 10. As is the case with any great game, there was a sprinkle of controversy that came about in the final seconds of regulation. 

After the Vikings were inexplicably able to force a fumble by Josh Allen at his own 1-yard line, recover, and score a touchdown to give them a 30-27 lead, Buffalo got the ball back with 35 seconds left on the clock and would eventually march down the field to kick a field goal to force overtime. On that drive, Bills wideout Gabe Davis made a 20-yard reception on the sideline that brought Buffalo to the Minnesota 40-yard line with 24 seconds on the clock. 

Upon seeing the replay, Davis looked like he bobbled the ball and needed the ground's assistance to secure the catch, meaning it should have been ruled incomplete. Because this play occurred inside of two minutes, it was subject to a booth review, but the officials never stopped the game to look over the catch.