Rip it up. Shred it. Scrap the whole thing or start again from a position of strength. I'm talking here about the flawed deal state legislators and the governor were bamboozled into making to help build a new Vikings stadium. Since there's really no contract or written agreement to this public fleecing, I'm strongly suggesting an extreme makeover. This already was corporate welfare at its worst. Then news broke this month that confirms that Minneapolis and state taxpayers will be getting hosed for more than the $498 million in public contributions to the estimated $975 million stadium project. It turns out that the $35 million projected in annual revenues from state-approved electronic charitable gambling actually yielded about $1.7 million last year. Now, this was the projection that would take care of the state's $348 million contribution. Given that bars and restaurants are not exactly embracing the e-pull-tab and e-bingo devices because they are not being used as sold, I have no doubt they're going to eventually tap into the general fund or come up with another scheme to shake down the taxpayer for more money. And who came up with this grossly inflated projection? Why, the state gambling control board, after consulting with -- guess who? -- the gambling industry, a consultation Dayton admitted recently he did not know about. With all due respect, that's like a farmer asking a fox to go into the henhouse and let him know if plenty of chickens are inside.