On an unusually cool and blustery day at training camp quarterbacks and receivers had an extra challenge to overcome in synching up their timing. But one of the highlights of Friday’s practice came when receiver Joe Webb hauled in a deep ball from Matt Cassel between solid coverage from Xavier Rhodes and Robert Blanton. “A couple more of those and I’ll be good” Webb said. Webb continues to impress with his athleticism and hands as he continues his conversion from quarterback. “He can catch the ball” veteran Greg Jennings said. “And that’s the first hurdle. If you can’t catch you can’t be taught.” Webb admitted he still has plenty of work to do in refining his route running learning to be smoother in and out of breaks while also correcting the motions that tip his routes. But his understanding of the position seems to be growing. “He’ll notice the little things without someone telling him” Jennings said. “Which lets me know he’s willing to work to improve to really home in on the skills that it takes to perform at a high level at this position.”