This is just meant as a question. It's not meant to be acidic or nasty. Just a question...     

Is Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins showing he's worth $28 million a year? That he's worth $84 million in guaranteed cash? Is that the kind of player anyone saw when they watched him Sunday night?

The statistics from Cousins' game against the Saints will look respectable in retrospect. He was 31-of-41 for 359 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. The numbers were roughly in line with what his numbers looked like his last few years in Washington.

But so was the result. In what should have been a marquee game between two of the NFC's best, the Saints, playing on the road, won fairly easily. The final score was 30-20, but that last touchdown for Cousins and the Vikings came when the game was essentially out of hand. 

For most of the game, Cousins looked out of his element. And this shouldn't be the case. He was going against the Saints defense. Swiss cheese looks at the Saints defense and says, "What's up, Twin?"

Cousins is paid the kind of money he's paid for moments like these. To stare down Drew Brees. To win a big game at home. To transform the season.

Instead, the best you can say is the Vikings aren't in bad shape. They're 4-3-1 and in a division in which no one's running away. And like his team, Cousins hasn't played poorly but hasn't been great.

But you pay $84 million for great.

He's had moments of greatness. A few, at least. But just moments. Fleeting, not transformative.

In many ways, he's the same Cousins we saw in Washington—and frankly that's shocking to say, because I thought we'd see a different Cousins. With all the weapons available to him in Minnesota—Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs—I thought we'd see him explode this season.