Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson has quickly become one of the NFL’s most effective and talked about pass catchers.

The production is ridiculous: he entered Sunday’s game against the Jets with at least 98 receiving yards in seven of his last eight games. And when the ball gets near Jefferson, he usually finds a way to come down with it, even if it defies the laws of logic and gravity — remember that crazy catch in Buffalo a few weeks ago?

So Jets cornerback D.J. Reed was understandably feeling pretty good about his role in keeping Jefferson in check during the loss to the Vikings, and a little miffed about the big play he couldn’t stop.

“I was in his s--- all day,” Reed said of Jefferson, who finished with seven catches for 45 yards and a fourth-quarter touchdown in which he slipped away from Reed for the score. “He got that one route on me, so I’m frustrated. But I felt like I did a great job containing him.”

Reed surrendered a fourth-quarter touchdown to Jefferson that ended up being the difference. With 8:33 remaining, Reed gave up a 10-yard touchdown when Jefferson beat him on the right side of the end zone.