In 10 days, Minnesota Vikings fans could get a little bit of a clue as to what their team is thinking regarding their quarterback choice for 2018. The NFL deadline for teams to designate either franchise or transition tags on players is March 6. If by then the Vikings don’t put either tag on Case Keenum, and if he’s not re-signed by that point, that would strongly indicate the team is willing to gamble going into free agency. At that point, the Vikings could easily lose Keenum to another team as a free agent, meaning they are thinking about quarterback alternatives. Free agency in the NFL, which begins on March 14, is very different from free agency in major league baseball. In football, nearly all the big-name free agents seek their guaranteed money and sign right away. Most of those players get signed no later than the second day of free agency, which is March 15. The two-tier players get signed after March 15. In baseball, as evidenced this offseason, signings can drag on indefinitely for big-name players. Rich Gannon acknowledges that the Vikings have a tough decision to determine who will be their starting quarterback next season. But it’s clear the former NFL Most Valuable Player and current CBS-TV analyst was impressed with what Keenum achieved last season. “Case Keenum, he came in and not only did the team not miss a beat, but the team played even better,” Gannon said last week. “He just grabbed control of the reins and didn’t look back. That says something about his personality and character and leadership and toughness. “When I look at Keenum, I don’t think he ever thought of himself as a backup quarterback. Even his last year with the Rams, they drafted (No. 1 overall Jared) Goff and he didn’t care — he kept the kid off the field for a long time. It wasn’t by accident. “I heard stories about (Keenum) in the offseason — the players just rally around him. He’s got some swagger to him. He’s got a lot of confidence, he goes out and competes and makes plays, and the players believe in him. And that’s a big part of playing that position. “Do the players follow you, believe in you? Do the players know that they can win with you? And I think that was pretty evident last year.” Keenum was 11-3 as the Vikings’ starter during the regular season.