This was as demonstrative as Alain Vigneault has been all season. The Rangers coach was emotional and finally voicing it just hours before his team took on the Flames at the Garden on Friday night. On Thursday, team president Glen Sather and general manager Jeff Gorton announced to the hockey world that they were in sell mode leading up to the Feb. 26 trade deadline. It was not a shock, but it did stir up some fire in the belly of the normally reserved Vigneault. “Well, I mean, I’ll tell you what I told my GM, what I told my president, what I told my owner — I’m going to try to win every game,” Vigneault said. “That’s what we have to do as a group.” In attempting to explain why the Rangers have been so inconsistent, Vigneault looked directly toward his goal crease and to franchise bedrock Henrik Lundqvist. Vigneault said the team’s record has almost gone in lockstep with the performance of Lundqvist, with the occasional sprinkling in of backup Ondrej Pavelec. So what the Rangers actually needed was not more help up front, but more consistency in the nets. “I believe that we’re a goaltender getting on a roll here to being back in the hunt and back into the playoffs,” Vigneault said. “We started our season 4-7-2 and we were a little inconsistent in the goaltending department. I felt we were playing better than our record indicated. Goaltending got better, we went on a [18-7-3] run. Came back from the bye week and since that time, we’ve been on a [3-10] run. A little inconsistent in the goaltending department.