The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are just like six of the other seven teams in the CFL. If their starting quarterback goes down, they’re in big, big trouble. The Calgary Stampeders have the best quarterback situation in the league, with Drew Tate as the starter and veteran Kevin Glenn behind him. Aside from Winnipeg’s Justin Goltz, if you can name three of the other six backups across the league then you probably need to get out a little more. While Winnipeg is like most of the others in needing to keep their starter healthy, it’s something they have been unable to do with Pierce at the helm. The California product’s injury woes have been well documented and you’re no doubt sick of hearing about them, but as long as he’s taking the snaps they will continue to be relevant. Kevin Glenn had 5,114 passing yards for the Bombers in 2007, when he was named the East Division most outstanding player. Since then, the Bombers haven’t had a quarterback throw for more than 4,000