Tuesday is officially one of those days that doesn't come along very often. It's a day where people cut out from work, parents pull their kids out of school and everyone heads downtown. That's what today's victory parade that honors the Super Bowl champion Ravens is all about. I had this conversation with a few people last night when they were trying to decide whether or not to go. Ideally, you don't leave work or school on a Tuesday morning. Doesn't happen often. But how often do you get a chance to see your favorite team in a parade that celebrates the Super Bowl win that so many said couldn't happen? Not often. My son remembers missing the parade in 2001 because he was in the fifth grade. There was no way he would miss this one, and he left early to get a parking spot and into the stadium. I know so many other people who wanted to be sure they were a part of it. This is one of those very rare events that brings a city together. Our world features so many negatives these days -- too damn many, if you ask me. But this is a positive. A good thing where you'll see nothing but smiles for a very long time. It's something where everyone will be laughing and something where they'll all remember it for the rest of their lives. And why is it so important to so many? Because the Ravens are beloved in this town. They've become what the Colts used to be, and so many fans want to just say one thing.