Going through the rigorous interview process for the NBA draft combine can be stressful enough without having a team play what can be perceived as mind games to boot. That seems to be what the Pistons did with former Indiana guard Victor Oladipo during their interview, but Oladipo called the experience "one of the best interviews I've been on." The Pistons' front office sat in a room with Oladipo and the crew acted as if he wasn't there, speaking honestly and candidly about Oladipo's game, what they loved, liked and thought he needed to work on. "It was really cool, I'd never been a part of anything like that," Oladipo said after he finished the draft interviews with media on Friday. Oladipo rose up the draft boards this past season because of his stellar play on both ends of the floor, especially his ability to disrupt offenses by being perhaps the best perimeter defender in college basketball. He attributed the rise to his tireless work ethic and admitted he's a little different than the rest of his peers. "I'm just abnormal. I'm a weird dude, I'm not gonna lie to you," he said. "It's midnight and I just finished watching a West Coast playoff game. I had to wake up at 9:30 in the morning, but something told me to go to the gym. It's a beautiful thing." He's heard the comparisons to Tony Allen, the Memphis Grizzlies guard who is arguably the best perimeter defender in the league but is challenged offensively. "I understand it, I just don't like being compared to anybody. It puts a ceiling on you," said Oladipo, noting the improvement in his jump shot this past season. "I stayed in the gym, just repetition after repetition, 24-hour access. I just want to get better." Oladipo said he knows the Pistons roster and feels the team is defensively oriented, the type he would fit in with perfectly.