He already has two of the three initials: the "M" and the "V." As in Martinez, Victor. And the way he has hit lately, Martinez also has the "P." On the six-game trip that ended Wednesday, he was the Tigers' MVP. The Tigers won the last five of those games, and Martinez drove in at least one run in each of them. In the past three games, culminating with Wednesday's 9-7 victory over the Twins, Martinez has driven in 10 runs. "He's going to help us win games like this," said Miguel Cabrera, who helped recruit Martinez to the Tigers. "I'm not surprised, because I expected he would do this." In the past three games, Martinez is 9-for-12. Of those nine hits, four are doubles and two are home runs. "When Victor starts to hit the ball, you're going to see him get three or four hits every day," said Jhonny Peralta, also Martinez's teammate for years in Cleveland. "Right now, he is the player that I know." In recent days, Martinez has filled the role for which the Tigers signed him as a free agent last fall: hit directly behind Cabrera and force teams to give Cabrera more strikes and also make teams pay for walking him. In the past five games, Martinez has six of his 13 RBIs following a walk to Cabrera.