The Tigers continue to benefit from the multiple values of Victor Martinez. For instance, there's the productivity value: Three more RBIs in Tuesday night's 10-1 victory over the Indians. Just as important, there's the leadership value. In fact, one of the big differences in manager Jim Leyland's opinion between the Tigers of 2009, when they were headed for disappointment, and the Tigers of 2011 is the presence — and leadership — of Martinez. "He's been a huge guy for us," Leyland said. "He's exactly what I talk about a lot of times when it comes to leadership. "There've been a lot of guys over the years who've tried to appoint themselves leaders and they can't do it. That's always been my belief. You can't do it. "You can't appoint a leader. It just happens. And he's one of those guys that it just happens. He's one of those personalities. "He's very respectful of the game and his teammates. Plus he looks pretty good in the batter's box. That helps, too."