Move over, Paws. The Tigers have a new mascot. "I think so," said relief pitcher Robbie Weinhardt, who should know after he spent the better part of Sunday morning paling around with Victor Martinez. That would be 6-year-old Victor Martinez, son and namesake of the Tigers' designated hitter/catcher. Martinez, also known as Little Victor, was in full splendor Sunday in the clubhouse, wearing a complete uniform, kicking back on comfy couches, sitting at his dad's locker and leading the team in smiles batted in. "He's awesome," Weinhardt said. "Look at him. You can have the worst day, and you come in here and you just talk to him." Weinhardt paused and grinned. "He was trying to show me how to pitch this morning," he said. Move over, Rick Knapp. The Tigers have a new pitching coach. So what pearls of pitching wisdom did Little Victor offer? "You've got to stay back and have power when you go to the plate," Weinhardt said. "It's pretty good, actually." Maybe Little Victor thought Weinhardt needed encouragement. After all, Weinhardt had pitched in his first game in nine days Saturday. He relieved Phil Coke in the seventh inning and worked 1 1/3 innings, allowing one run on two hits and throwing 19 pitches.