Is this the year Edmonton makes a big deal at the deadline? Ales Hemsky's name is in the discussion, as usual, but what about one of the team's young stars? Between the start of the regular season and the Olympic roster freeze in early February, there were 26 trades completed in the NHL. Eight of those trades involved the Edmonton Oilers, as general manager Craig MacTavish attempts to rebuild an organization and reshape a roster that's well on its way to its seventh consecutive non-playoff season. Most of the trades the Oilers completed to this point have been the hockey equivalent of fixing the radio knobs on a car that has no engine and is sitting on four cinder blocks in your front yard (Mark Fraser? Matt Hendricks?). But there are still even more pieces that could be on their way out the door before the March 5 trade deadline. A lot of teams can still be considered in the playoff race and not yet know their status as buyers or sellers. It is clear the Oilers fall solidly in the seller role.