A year ago, when Michael Vick was still with the Eagles, he beat the fleet-footed LeSean McCoy in the 40-yard dash. Pretty impressive for the then 33-year-old. Earlier this month, Jets running back Chris Johnson said that he'd take Vick, now Johnson's teammate in New York, in a race. Over the weekend, Vick was asked about Johnson's proclamation and he didn't disagree. So, yeah, I mean, Chris Johnson -- I ain't racing Chris," Vick said, via NJ.com's Dom Cosentino. "Wasn't he on TV racing a cheetah or something a couple months ago? Yeah, no, I ain't doing that. The cheetah -- damn, man. To even have the courage to do that." But Vick had no such reservations about going another round with McCoy. "LeSean McCoy, I'll race him again," he said. "Not Chris Johnson." McCoy's response: "That's Mike for you," he said before adding: "Ask him who the best back is, he'll tell you me."