It probably seemed strange at first. With the anticipation growing about Chip Kelly’s fuel-injected offense the Eagles came out Friday night against New England with all the horsepower of a ‘67 Pinto. And with Michael Vick leading the way. Not until Nick Foles took over late in the first did the offense kick into turbo boost showcasing the various formations and read option that made Kelly’s offense so potent at Oregon. “There are times we're going to have to play fast and times we're going to have to play slow” Kelly explained. “Really the game itself dictates what you have to do. I've said that all along. “There were certain things in that game we just wanted to get accomplished. Really our first full game with officials so we wanted to get a feel for that.” If Kelly follows script Thursday against the Panthers in the second preseason game Vick will be the man in charge when the offense ratchets up a notch or two. And then we’ll get our first real observation of what Kelly’s multiple-option offense can do when spearheaded by his multi-talented quarterback. Vick already flashed a glimpse of his potential against the Patriots putting six on the board in his first series on a 47-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson out of an offensive formation and tempo that even he deemed “vanilla.” “We slowed it down a little bit but it’s good to have the ability to do that whenever you need to at your discretion” Vick said Monday. “But who knows [about Thursday]? We don’t know what the game plan is or what Coach is going to want. When they say ‘tempo it up’ we tempo it up. [When they say] ‘slow it down’ we slow it down.” But the allure of Kelly’s offense and its fullest potential exists only under the premise that Vick is behind the wheel shifting into high gear and breezing down the fast lane with Jackson LeSean McCoy and his stable of tight ends riding shotgun.